Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI JULY 2-4


Independence Day Celebration Weekend
All Are Welcome!

About No Star Bash

This is the fifth annual No Star Bash Independence Day weekend event celebration to be at in South Haven, Michigan on July 2 - 4

Fun for everyone in the family! Cool drift cars! Camping! and more!

Gingerman Raceway
61414 County Road 388
South Haven, MI 49090

Gingerman, Gingerman, Gingerman! For 2016, we return to Pure state of Michigan and visiting the 1.88 mile 11 turn road course at Gingerman Raceway.

The facility is located in the lakeshore town of South Haven in southwestern Michigan. GingerMan rests on more than 300 acres of land which includes sprawling areas of shaded woods, plenty of paddock space, nice bathrooms with showers and a lake, and an amazing road course for perfect speeds and hot lapping action all weekend long!

Driver Registration - Information - Pricing:

Technical Inspection:
NSB Tech Information

Registration (Drivers Only):

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NSB Media Application

Read Before Registering:

Street League Drifting will be kicking off its first ever action packed event during the 2016 No Star Bash weekend at Gingerman Raceway July 2-4. All participants of Street League Drifting will be worked in with the No Star Bash schedule which is always subject to change. Staff will address all schedule changes during mandatory drivers meetings. Gingerman Raceway is a big track and the staff will announce to all Street League Drifting drivers what is expected of them day of event. Please refer to the Street League Drifting website for all technical inspection and rules.

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Friday July 1

03:00 PM: Gates Open (Load In - Teams and Participants Only)
04:00 PM: Tech Open
07:00 PM: Tech Closed
11:00 PM: Gates Closed (You will have to wait until morning to get in)

If you arrive on Friday, please get your car to tech immediately!

Saturday July 2

06:00 AM: Gates Open - Tech Open (Load In)
09:00 AM: Mandatory Drivers Meeting (Garage - Pavilion)
09:00 AM: Spectator Gates Open
10:00 AM: No Star Bash Drifting Begins (Run Groups Posted in Pavilion)
05:00 PM: No Star Bash Drifting Stops
06:00 PM: Street League Drifting Exhibition (Come to Spectator Hill & Party)
07:00 PM: No Star Bash Pig Roast (Outside Pavilion)

The gate will be staffed overnight.

Sunday July 3

08:00 AM: Gates Open
09:00 AM: Mandatory Drivers Meeting (Garage - Pavilion)
10:00 AM: No Star Bash All Groups Open Drift
11:00 AM: Drifting Stops (Quiet Time)
12:00 PM: No Star Bash Drifting Begins (Run Groups Posted in Pavilion)
06:00 PM: No Star Bash Drifting Stops
06:00 PM: Drifting Stops - Street League Drifting Awards (Garage - Pavilion)

The gate will be staffed overnight.

Monday July 4

08:00 AM: Gates Open
09:00 AM: No Star Bash All Groups Open Drift
12:00 PM: Drifting Stops - Clean Up

Schedule is subject to change without notice during the event. Arrive on time, any drivers that do not make drivers mandatory meeting will not be allowed on track and will not receive any refund. No exceptions!


Attire for all staff, drivers, riders and media:
Closed toed shoes and long pants.

Applies to ALL staff, drivers, riders, spectators, and media:
The use of any narcotic, controlled substance, performanceenhancement drugs, and/or recreational drugs, as defined by federal and/or state law, by any participant, is expressly prohibited, even if prescribed by a licensed physician. Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not commence until all official functions of a specific series or event have been completed.

Failure to abide by stated rules will result in removal from venue without refund.

    Regarding Drivers:
    Things to check before allowing a driver to run the track:
  • Driver must have on the appropriate driver’s color/design wristband. Any person(s) without a driver’s wristband is not allowed to drift the course.
  • DOT approved helmet is on and fastened.
  • Seat belt fastened and seats must be securely and properly mounted
  • Appropriate tire pressure
  • No leaking or excessive fluids
  • No loose items inside the vehicle
  • No loose engine or suspension parts
  • Firm brake pedal
  • Working brake lamp is required
  • Night/rainy events will require working parking and head lights
  • The windshield may not have major defects and be clear for the driver to see through
  • Battery must be secured and all positive terminals covered
  • A coolant overflow tank is required
  • All lug nuts must be installed and engage a minimum of 4 threads of the wheel studs
  • Convertible cars must have roll over protection
  • Drivers are to maintain a 5mph speed limit in all pit and nonhot course areas
  • No passengers during nondesignated ride along times unless it is an instructor. no girlfriends, no boyfriends, no staff members who are not instructors.
  • All body parts (arms, hands, feet, etc) must remain inside the vehicle at all times.

  • Tandem:
  • Advanced Drivers Only
  • All participants must agree to tandem
  • Roll cage is required, minimum of 4pt cage w/door bars
  • Arm restraints, window nets, or windows up during tandem are required
  • Helmet must be Snell Memorial Foundation – SA2005, SA2010
  • Failure to abide by stated rules will result in removal from venue without refund.

    Regarding Media:
  • Anyone who has media privileges (inc. assistants) must have a media pass
  • All media who are on the track must have a spotter
  • If a media person has assistant(s), but did not request a Media Pass for them, the assistant(s) are not allowed in hot areas. They may ask a staff member who are willing and available. Staff members’ priorities are what is needed to run the event and not assisting media. Therefore if there is assistance needed elsewhere, the media that needs an extra hand is S.O.L.
  • If media puts themselves, drivers, and/or bystanders at risk and repeatedly continue to put others at risk after being warn, privileges will be revoked from them and their assistants/crew/company

  • Regarding Ride alongs
  • Ride alongs are allowed during designated time(s), which are announced during the driver’s meeting
  • All passengers who wish to Ride along must attend driver’s meetings.
  • DOT approved helmet must be worn and fastened at all times along with closed toed shoes and long pants
  • All body parts (arms, hands, feet, etc) must remain inside the vehicle at all times
  • When Cold Track is announced, it means to hold the start, do not let drivers drive until track is announced Hot
  • Failure to abide by stated rules will result in removal of ride privilege without refund

  • When on the track:
  • SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE TRACK. Only drivers, staff and media with a pass
  • All body parts (arms, hands, feet, etc) must remain inside the vehicle at all times
  • If the vehicle fails on the course, do not attempt to figure out and fix the problem on the track. If needed, push it back into the pits
  • When the designated drifting course has ended, do not attempt to drive aggressively thereafter
  • Media are only allowed to stand on the insides of turns, not the outsides. FAILURE TO COMPLY TO ABOVE RULES WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM VENUE


Insurance waiver must be signed on entrance of premises.

The speed limit inside the gates is 15 mph and applies to all motor-vehicles.

The use of mopeds, electric scooters, and all-terrain vehicles will not be allowed in the paddock areas after 7:00pm.

Under no circumstances will any motor vehicles be allowed on the track after the track has been closed.

All motor fluids must be disposed of in their designated areas. Waste oil dump station is located behind the fuel tanks.

All non-muffler vehicles are not allowed during quiet time; Sunday 11am-12pm.

Any “jacking” of vehicles on the asphalt must be done with the use of a protective pad or piece of wood underneath.

No opened alcoholic beverages are allowed during track operations hours.

All Campers must obtain a campers band. Bands may be purchased at the house or 8 ½ building.

All electric hook-up boxes remain closed and locked until paid for at the gate or 8 ½ building.

RV dumpsite is located behind maintenance garage.

Illegal drugs, explosives, fireworks, firearms, potato launchers, sling shots, guns of any kind are prohibited.

No Open Fires, In Pit, On Ground, Or Otherwise.

Pets must be leashed. Owners must clean up after their pet(s).

There is no swimming in the pond. All children must be supervised by their guardian at the pond.

All trash and waste must be disposed of prior to leaving the track. (CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES).

Spectating is allowed in designated areas, see track layout for locations.

No motor vehicles are allowed on Spectator Hill.


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No Star Bash takes place the weekend of July 2-4 at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, MI. Gingerman is Just 2 Hours from Chicago, 2.25 Hours from Detroit, and 3 Hours from Indianapolis.

All attendees are required to have a wristband to enter the venue. If you are one of the 100 drivers that will be driving No Star Bash this year your name will be listed and crossed off as you enter (ID will be required). Spectator prices are $40 for the weekend but can also be purchased early for $30 (ABOVE) includes overnight camping at no additional cost.

No Star Bash is a rain or shine event, on track as well as off track activities will take place regardless of weather. Be prepared for hot days, cool nights, and/or a chance of rain. Please prepare adequately.

You are allowed to bring food with you, or you can visit the onsite CAFÉ (listed on the map) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alcoholic beverages will be permitted only when the track is not active. No Alcohol consumption is permitted by any attendees while the track is hot. Anyone consuming alcoholic beverages purchased or brought will be required to follow all the rules OR ELSE.

This year we’ll have a No Star Bash store located on the map where you can pick up your NSB 2016 shirts.

There will be a tire changer on site for drivers needing to swap out rubbers. $10 per tire, you must take your old tires with you.

We will have medical staff available 24 hours a day throughout the event. If you have an EMERGENCY, find a staff member with a radio or go to the nearest security station.

The use of illegal drugs or substances is not permitted. Anyone using illegal substances will be subject to removal for the remainder of the weekend and no refunds will be given.

Water / Water Bottles / Rain Gear / Extra Shoes / Bug Spray / Chairs / Blanket / Sunscreen / Hat / Umbrella / Pop Up Tent / Flag or Balloon for your campsite, village / Camera / Ear Plugs / Trash Bags / Tents, Camping Gear / Snacks / Booze

Gates for No Star Bash will open Saturday at 6am and Sunday at 8am and will remain open each day of the event until 5pm.

Parking will be split into Drivers & Spectators. The only attendees allowed to park in the primary paddock are FULL WEEKEND paid No Star Bash drivers with rigs. All support vehicles will need to be moved to spectator parking at the back of the facility. The Paddock will be divided into 12'x70' plots one per driver. Spectators will be located in the off grid campground just on the opposite side of turn 2. Each spectator car will get a 10'x30' spot to set up camp (there is enough grass area in the parking). If you are attending in a group you may set your spots together in any configuration and build a village (Please keep parking organized). Spectators and attendees are allowed to camp with friends in the Paddock as long as it is contained within that individuals 12'x70' plot.

All paddock spots will have space for your car and trailer. If you are bringing an RV, please read RV and Camper info below.

RV'S and Campers are permitted at No Star Bash but will require a $20.00 hookup fee for electrical. If you want electrical, you must contact Gingerman directly (Please contact If you are not a driver, you will not have access to electricity or parking in the paddock area. Please bring necessary items for your experience.


Gingerman Raceway
61414 County Road 388
South Haven, MI 49090

Local Info:
The GingerMan is located in the appealing lakeshore town of South Haven, Michigan. Rather than spending your trip to the track in isolation visitors are just six miles away from the beach, boutiques, events and dining that are common to any beachside community. About Gingerman

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites in South Haven provides a special rate for events going on at #GMR
Address: 1741 Phoenix Road, South Haven, MI 49090
Phone: (269) 637-8800

Camping will be allowed overnight for everyone that purchases a two-day wristband and overnight security will be provided for this years bash. There will be a designated area for tents and parking.

  • Designated wristband will be needed with signature of waiver, which will allow for overnight camping.
  • No Glass Bottles/Containers at venue
  • Grills (Propane Only) – Designated locations at venue.
  • RV’s and Motorhomes are allowed ($20.00 Venue Plug In Charge)
  • Showers are provided, bring your own towels.